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Teton Raptor Center Vent Screens

On July 31, 2017 - Poo-Poo Project sells its 10,000th Poo-Poo Screen!

The Poo-Poo Project achieved an impressive conservation milestone as Missoula Concrete Construction, a national provider of vault concrete toilets and a long-time supporter of the Poo-Poo Project, purchased the 10,000th Poo-Poo Screen. Their conservation-minded staff has also added a free Teton Raptor Center Poo-Poo Screen option for its vault toilet purchasers. “We are very proud to support TRC’s Poo-Poo Project and will continue to do our part in ensuring the safety of all wild birds who come in contact with our vault toilets.” - Adam Bauer, Owner of Missoula Concrete Construction. 

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