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Vault Concrete Toilets by Missoula Concrete Construction
Just over 30 years ago, Ken Duce, F.S. architect, approached us with a photograph of a fairly new wooden structure that had been damaged by porcupines. He asked if we could produce similar structures in wood textured concrete and we told him that if we could work with field assembled panels, we could give him just about any size or shape building he could want during a time where only monolithic structures were acceptable...Ken began creating drawings.
In 1982 we erected our first concrete vault toilet building at the Paradise Boat Launch site in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness area. It was a double vault concrete toilet building with outside dressing rooms and it is still being used today.
Throughout the 1980's, numerous modifications were created to be ADA compliant, and to match the needs of forest services across the United States. We needed to deliver a finished product, eliminating field assembly, in order to complete finished work in a controlled indoor environment leading to the creation of our 'Aspen' Vault Toilet, which became the model for the industry we know today.
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