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Missoula Concrete Construction
8012 Deschamps Lane
Missoula, MT 59808
T (406) 549-9682
F (406) 549-6404


Government Contact
Adam Bauer (owner)
T (406) 549-9682
GSA Contract Number: 47QSWA18D0041
Link to GSA Advantage: Missoula Concrete
BC Concrete dba. Missoula Concrete Construction
SIN's Offered: 36-10H & 361-32
DUNS: 079712352
Cage Code: 1RL31
NAICS: 238120, 327390
Montana Contractor Registration: 12255


MCA Concrete Excellence Award - Jackson Street Parking
U.S. GBC LEED Platinum - Missoula Federal Credit Union
Henry H. Edwards National Award Winner
MCA Concrete Excellence Award - Bobcat Stadium
MCA Concrete Excellence Award - Rainbow Development Project
Precast Concrete Vault Toilets
As the original manufacturer in the United States, we have produced over a thousand units during the last 30+ years.
 Delivery
 Erection
 Excavation

Precast Concrete Small Span Bridges
 Maximum 35-foot span

Precast Concrete Utility Buildings
 Insulated
 Non-insulated
 Standard and custom design

Past Performance
Limestone Hills Training Area– National Guard
Larson Civil Engineering
POC: Jeff Larson
T (406) 443-6111

McGillivary Complex– USDA Forest Service
Muster Construction
POC: Sandra Muster
T (406) 827-9191

Malstrom Air Force Base Weapons Storage
Doyan Project Services
POC: Mike Coffman
T (235) 344-5466

Narrow Cape Loran Station (US Coast Guard)
Bering Pacific Construction
POC: Daniel Brewster
T (907) 222-7672

Horseshoe Vault Toilet (State of Idaho)
Teton County, Idaho
POC Jay Millin
T (208) 881-4048

Cabinet Gorge Approach Road Bridge
Kent Neal
T (406) 847-4239

North Transfer Station (City of Seattle)
Lydig Construction
POC: Jerry Marvin
T (425) 269-6058

Top Government Clients
 Lolo National Forest
 Bitterroot National Forest
 Flathead National Forest
 Kootenai National Forest
 National Guard
 USDA Forest Service
 State of Montana
 City of Seattle
 US Air Force
 US Coast Guard
 US Navy
Quality: As a PCI certified company, our quality control process includes a full time quality control officer that does not answer to production. This PCI quality control officer ensures that our production and process meet the specs and tolerances on all projects awarded to Missoula Concrete Construction.

Experience: We have been producing structures for the US government for over 30 years and we are the original producers of vault concrete toilets in the United States. In 1982 Ken Duce F.S. Architect collaborated with Missoula Concrete Construction to design and produce a vault toilet for the Paradise Boat Launch in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area. This vault toilet structure is the first vault concrete toilet produced in the United States.

Performance: Exceeding expectations has brought us repeat business for over 30 years as our pricing, lead times and customer service is unparalleled in the industry.
Service: We have recently created a vault concrete toilet quote page on our website, which makes ordering easier than ever before for the US government as well as the private sector.
Testimonial: “Yes, I do like the online quote form. I like the new site in general, and sent a link to the district that wants the toilet. I believe that is what sold them on the fancy model.”
~ Peter Borgesen, P.E.
Forest Service Facilities Engineer
Flathead National Forest
Adding to our service, we assist in coordinating projects from design and production to delivery and placement. Whether it is custom aesthetics on a standard model or assisting in the design of a custom structure, we are there to assist every step of the way to help the project to look good and to remain cost effective.

Reputation: Trust, quality, timeliness and integrity are the reasons we are leaders in the industry. It is our goal to provide a service and a product that exceeds all expectations.

Pricing: From production, to delivery and erection, we have streamlined the entire process to make us competitive across the United States. For our regional customers, we deliver and erect the structure with our boom truck, which keeps costs down and ensures timeliness and accuracy. For projects outside our region, we have relationships with many commercial erection companies and trucking firms, which helps to ensure our pricing is competitive and that delivery remains within the schedule.
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